Virtual Desktop 365: 2-Week Implementation


Access Windows 10 desktop and applications from anywhere, on any device

Adopt a modern solution to secure remote work with Windows Virtual Desktop along with a series of new capabilities that make deployment easier, increase the security level, and proactively monitor the virtualization environment. Start your journey towards the Windows Virtual Desktop adoption with Virtual Desktop 365, an Enhanced Desktop Virtualization Service developed following a proven and consolidate roadmap that include: (1) Azure assessment. Windows Virtual Desktop includes specific requirements that will necessitate a review of the Azure landing zones.. (2) Proof of concept. Before deploying the solution to end users, we need to validate the configuration of the Azure landing zone and the end-user network capacity, by completing and testing a proof of concept. (3) Windows Virtual Desktop assessment. The proof of concept provides an initial baseline for the implementation. (4) Deployment. Production deployment will require a separate deployment that more closely aligns to the production requirements.
(5) Monitoring. After deployment, it’s important to ensure that the Windows Virtual Desktop environment is always up and running and users have an optimal experience using virtual desktops. As a very experienced partner in Windows Virtual Desktop adoption projects, with several Microsoft competencies, Microsys has the knowledge, experience and dedication to develop complex Windows Virtual Desktop environments and to migrating organization's end-user desktops to the cloud. Learn more:

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