Azure Zero Trust Maturity Assessment

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A structured way to move to a Zero Trust security approach – with a clear roadmap aligned with best practices, leveraging cloud-native expertise and tools

Zero Trust isn’t a product or a tool – it’s an approach that involves doing away with implicit trust and constantly validating every level of digital connection. This helps you safeguard the organisation more effectively.

Why you should consider Zero Trust

  • On-prem ways of implementing security don’t work with cloud: having a “once you’re authenticated, you can do anything” mentality won’t protect you
  • You have increasingly complex access control and regulatory requirements because cloud environments are accessible from virtually anywhere
  • You need dynamic development practices, tooling and delivery mechanisms when deploying modern cloud-based applications and services

How Nordcloud helps
We help you implement Zero Trust in a way that makes your security more granular and flexible. You therefore see greater improvements in your security posture, cost savings, business agility and security management processes.

The process starts with an efficient and unique Nordcloud Zero Trust Maturity Assessment for your Azure environments. It’s carried out against 5 pillars: identities, devices, infrastructure, workloads and data.

The assessment involves:

  • Evaluating your current security visibility maturity
  • Conducting a gap analysis of your current cloud environment
  • Assessing each pillar to identify the steps that will move your cloud environment towards an optimal Zero Trust security model and architecture

Yes, moving to Zero Trust is a significant undertaking that requires planning, cross-company collaboration and resources. But the Nordcloud approach is specifically designed to remove uncertainty and gives you clear deliverables and next steps.

Here’s what you get:

  • A comprehensive report with actionable insights
  • High-level strategy and roadmap
  • Guidance on best practices
  • Consolidation of security solutions and help with implementation

Contact us for a free 1-hour briefing, to learn more about:
  • The assessment process
  • How to implement the Zero Trust security model
  • Pricing