Azure Active Directory Assessment: 5-Day Assessment


This engagement is intended to help our clients identify and assess their current Azure AD environment and quickly provide insights and recommendations

Oakwood’s Azure Active Directory Assessment is based on your specific environment and will help your organization understand and improve your Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) environment by analyzing your configuration and policies.

Oakwood’s Azure experts help you to identify and assess your Azure AD environment to quickly provide insights and recommendations. Throughout this engagement, we’ll focus on the following areas; Identity Management, Access Management, Security, Governance, and Operations.

At the onset of the assessment, data is collected via a combination of workshop-style meeting(s) and tools (NetDetective) and analyzed to identify deviations from Microsoft’s recommendations. These findings are combined with Oakwood’s recommended practices based on our experience with previous implementations. We’ll provide reports with comments and recommendations tailored to your specific environment.

At the conclusion of the assessment, we’ll deliver an executive summary and build a roadmap to remediation. These remediation activities will then be planned together based on your determined priorities.

The anticipated engagement schedule is as followed:

Scope: Identify stakeholders, set start date and understand any assessment prerequisites Day 1: Stakeholder interviews and data collection Day 2-4: Analyze collected data and report preparation Day 5: Deliverables review: Executive Summary & Findings, Detailed Data Reports, and Technical Remediation Plan