Generative AI with Microsoft Azure Services - Step 1: One Day Awareness Workshop


We help you cut through the hype to understand how adopting Microsoft Azure Generative AI technologies can transform your business.

Take your first step in harnessing the potential of Microsoft Azure AI Services with our Generative AI Awareness Workshop. Our expert team will work with you to demystify Generative AI, so you can better appreciate the opportunities and potential disruptors it presents for your sector, and for your organisation. Together we'll explore the exciting potential of Microsoft Azure AI Services, look at how we identify and evaluate potential use cases, and discuss how to surface and mitigate risks around the adoption of Generative AI solutions. Our structured workshop approach provides an interactive group briefing that can be tailored to suit all levels of technical knowledge, while always remaining focused on business value.

We'll take a look at the Microsoft technologies and services you can leverage to address specific types of use case. We'll call out the benefits of using Microsoft Generative AI services, including Microsoft Azure OpenAI service and Microsoft 365 Copilot, and show how risks can be mitigated and compliance requirements can be accommodated by selecting appropriate deployment options.

We'll wrap up with a look at potential next steps, including an overview of a phased approach for adopting AI, that provides a coherent roadmap from ideation right through to business as usual operation.

Please note that this workshop has been designed for organisations that are just starting out on their Generative AI journey. If you've already began collecting use cases, or perhaps you're evaluating the Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, please enquire about our Step 2 - Strategy Workshop, which is designed to level up your Generative AI capability.

*Pricing is indicative and is based on a single instance of a remote, one-day workshop. In-person or hybrid workshops and alternative durations can also be provided subject to agreement.