Regain Control Over Cloud Costs: 5-Day Assessment


The service is intended for companies that have already migrated, or are migrating, their IT solutions to Azure and are now seeking to optimise costs and establish greater control over cloud spend.

We know that cloud migration can be challenging, and you would rather focus on ensuring business continuity than having to optimise your cloud solutions. We have the capacity, capability, and consulting expertise to support you throughout your cloud adoption journey – from start to finish. Whether you have already noticed cost inefficiencies or aren’t sure where to start looking for them, our custom Optimisation Framework allows us to jump in and support your efforts.
We offer the following outcomes:

  • Review your cloud landscape to check for minor and major issues, or conduct a thorough 360 View audit and detailed recommendations [1-3 days].
  • Proposition of adjustments regarding any type of cloud resource – as an outcome, you gain a step-by-step optimisation plan. Depending on your needs and business context, our efforts can address infrastructural, technical, architectural, and even organisational issues [1-2 days].
  • Based on the agreed optimisation plan, we’ll implement the recommended changes in your landscape – setting up all the required facilities that support alerting, monitoring, governance, and security. You'll gain a cost-optimised environment with a predictable spend plan and trustworthy monitoring [2-5 days].