Azure Migration: 4 hours Workshop

Payoda Technology Inc

Interactive Hands-On Workshop on Azure Cloud Migration to understand your Cloud Journey Roadmap

Moving to the cloud may bring many advantages to your business but it also comes with its share of complexities. Workloads vary across organizations and in case of large workloads it becomes necessary to prioritize the workloads to be migrated first. Another decision that needs to be taken is what kind of migration does your organization need exactly (5Rs of Migration).

To get answers to the above queries and much more we invite you to an interactive workshop on Cloud Migration. In this workshop we will not only answer your questions but also showcase demos of Discovery and Assessment. We will also identify one or more POCs to be executed for you before the full scale migration kicks in.

Deep dive into an interactive exploration of how to migrate apps & databases to the Azure cloud. The workshop identifies the next steps and provides best practices to accelerate your transformation to the Azure cloud.

Why do you need this workshop?

Design a migration strategy for on-premises environments to Azure, including migrating virtual and physical services and databases. The workshop covers:

  • How to define your Cloud Adoption Framework and accelerate your cloud Strategy?
  • Our questionnaire identifies your business drivers and outcomes, Cloud Adoption Readiness.
  • A brief discussion on the 5Rs of Migration Strategy, Plan & TCO Calculation
  • Discovery, assessment, and dependency analysis in Azure Migrate. If you have other questions, check with our experts during the workshop.
  • Demonstration of Azure TCO calculator
  • Know the full journey using Azure migrate tools & services. Discovery, Server Assessment, Migration, Post migration, and Cost Estimation.

Payoda's capabilities and deliverables:

As part of this workshop, our experts will look into the following aspects of your IT organization with a customized migration Roadmap that will work best for you.

  • Datacenter architecture
  • Monitoring
  • Security
  • Cloud hybridization
  • Compliance and Governance
  • Cost optimization
  • Case studies from Payoda

What goals can your organization meet after this workshop?

The deliverables will include an array of resolutions adapted to your context and expectations with a picture of what advantages and value your organization may acquire from this migration.

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