Retail & Distribution Data and AI for Azure Synapse: 12-Week Implementation


Become truly data-driven and unlock business value across the enterprise with modern data architecture, analytics and AI for Azure Synapse in the Retail, Wholesale and Distribution industries

With today’s challenging supply chain, rapidly increasing costs and evolving customer buying behaviors, retailers and distributors must maximize the value of data to thrive. Retail and distribution business leaders are leveraging Microsoft Azure to reimagine and unlock new opportunities across all aspects of business.

Persepta is partnering with Microsoft to offer Retail, Wholesale and Distribution Finance companies a framework that will modernize their data and analytics architectures leveraging Azure Synapse. This framework is thoughtfully designed to promote our customer’s ability to achieve a significant strategic advantage leveraging Azure AI and rich insights to enhance pricing, manage volatile commodity costs, optimize supply chain and more.

With this engagement, Persepta’s professionally-led team will partner with you to envision and engineer a full end-to-end Azure Synapse solution for a priority business challenge or opportunity. Scope, timeframes and cost for the implementation will be defined in the project discovery sessions.

This offer was developed in collaboration with Microsoft’s Customer Success Unit and leverages the technical patterns and best practices included in the Microsoft Solution Kit for Retail.

Primary Components of the Engagement:

Focused Business Discovery: Business discovery sessions led by experienced business-oriented consultants with a goal of understanding short and long-term business goals. Our methodologies to enhance business discovery through “What’s Possible” sessions gear the discovery to align discussions with potential future-state Azure Synapse solutions.

Focused Technical Assessment: This aspect of the effort is led by solution architects that will assess the source data focused on the targeted challenge/opportunity so that data may be mapped to business discovery.

Proof-of-Vision & Future-State Roadmap: Persepta’s proven project framework includes iterative cycles leveraging produced evidence to ensure alignment between the business expectations and the vision of the project team. This reduces risk of the overall project and establishes early trust with the business users.

Project Delivery: Persepta’s cohesive project team includes project management, business analysis, architecture, development and QA resources. The project team will design, develop and implement quality Azure deliverables under professional management and in collaboration with all pertinent parties.

User Rollout & Adoption: Proper rollout and user adoption planning is critical to project success and a key part of Persepta’s framework. Our team will work during the effort to ensure that planning for the rollout is properly approached and will result in the business maximizing value from the project investment going forward.

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