Smart Buildings: 2 Weeks Implementation


Make your buildings intelligent and control different aspects of the building centrally using Persistent Systems Smart Building solution.

Do you want a friendly and systematic arrival for guest?
Do you want to save our electrical and food expense?
Do you want to monitor your premises without physically being present?

Persistent Systems can assist you in creating a modern and user-friendly environment by integrating sophisticated IoT infrastructure into your facility.

Our solution will assist facility manager in improving the building's dependability, performance, minimizing manual work, reducing energy consumption, maximizing space use, improving the overall user experience, and having a modern and interactive arrival process for visitor.

Our solution is designed for commercial buildings and space like office, mall, and retail spaces to optimize building performance and resource management. We can have restaurants and cafeterias tally the number of individuals who have consumed the meal during a particular time frame.

• Intelligent building will limit your expense by using a centrally controlled monitoring system that monitor and optimize energy consumption and automate operations like heating, lighting, security amongst others.
• Monitoring the count of people in the complex or a particular area in the premises will facilitate better utilization of resource and security measure.
• The utilization of sensor and camera helps to make informed decision about space utilization and improving the longevity of the building based on the collected information.

We build application based on Azure services like Digital Twin, Azure IoT Central, Azure IoT Hub, Azure Storage, Power BI, Logic Apps.

Major services offered: Arrival-Departure, People Counting, Lighting Control, AC Control, Video Analytic.

Our People-counting system is ready for deployment and can be completely set up in 2 weeks for similar requirement.

Ready to make your building smart?
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