Move to Microsoft Azure: 4-Week Migration of up to 10 Servers

Protera Technologies, Inc.

4-Week Landing Zone Deployment and Migration of up to 10 servers

Jumpstart your adoption of cloud in just 4-weeks with Protera, the preferred SAP on Azure migration partner with a complete installation of up to 10 servers. This 4-week engagement includes the complete installation of up to 10 servers on Azure, as well as potential access to funding programs.

A partner with a deep engineering relationship with Microsoft, Protera uses a well-architected cloud adoption framework backed by automation to reduce complexity, accelerate timelines, and drive down the cost of critical application migrations versus a traditional approach.

Deliverables The implementation plan includes a customized migration assessment for migrating up to 10-servers to Azure; a full Cloud Adoption Plan (CAP); and the automated VM build and migration using Protera Arion.

• Design target cloud ecosystem architecture -- Design Azure architecture based on extensive experience and Protera Arion® library of transformation rules. • Model cloud costs -- Automatically model migration and run costs based on Azure infrastructure options. • Design and validate migration plan -- Finalize and validate migration method and timelines. • Automated VM Build and Migration – Migration and delivery using Protera’s proprietary platform