Azure Governance & Security: 4 Week Implementation


Helping you develop a tailored governance framework to help ensure that all areas of your business needs are met.

We focus on the broader holistic consideration of your business needs and to the specific integrity of your deployed Azure resources. QUANTIQ reviews and assesses your environment based on the following approach.

Well- Secured Environment

  • Subscription Security
  • Network Security
  • Identity Management
  • Resource Integrity
  • Data Security*
  • Crypto Management
  • Remote and Public Access
  • *Data Security focuses on data access and encryption, such as data in transit and at rest. And integrity such as storage strategy and access management. Well-Governed Environment
  • Cost Management
  • Azure Policy
  • Identify Baseline
  • Taxonomy Framework
  • Deployment Methodology
  • QUANTIQ frames the assessment around common security models such as NIST, ISO27001 and CIS. These frameworks act as guidelines either explicitly or as a reference. We match your business need and encourage a BYO policy approach which we can help validate or adjust to meet cloud best practice recommendations.

    Engagement Duration: The assessment duration is based on the size of your environment. With a single subscription environment, a typical duration is 3 days, with the number of days increasing per subscription.

    The engagement approach is as follows:

  • Meet and Greet to define expectation
  • Discovery and Assessment
  • Report Creation and Feedback
  • Next Steps
  • Terms and Conditions apply. Final pricing and time frame will be on custom terms.