Platform Modernisation: 4 Week Implementation


QUANTIQ’s Azure Experts will take your specific needs into consideration and, with the Platform Modernisation Service, will focus on modernising existing applications.

To take full advantage of the cloud, a migration to Azure Platform Services is required. Here, the full benefits of the cloud can be realised for your organisation:

  • Patching and many other maintenance tasks are handled automatically by the platform.
  • Streamlined workflows support rapid software updates.
  • Services can auto-scale based on usage, and the full power of all Azure services is available.
1. The Process: Prior to modernising a workload, it is imperative to understand your organisation's current environment and to define what the migrated workload will look like. The Modernisation Assessment will allow for a comprehensive migration process, as well as costs being visible and clear
  1. Modernise: During the modernisation phase, QUANTIQ will take the recommendations highlighted during the Assessment Plan and action.

  2. Optimisation and Adoption (or Management): The optimisation phase will see QUANTIQ use Azure security and management resources to govern, secure, and monitor your cloud applications. During this process, QUANTIQ’s Azure Experts will help you discover opportunities to optimise your spending.

Our QUANTIQ Azure Experts are ready to help you start migrating, the QUANTIQ way. From business planning, to training, to security and governance, we have all your Cloud needs covered. Contact us today to start your Azure journey.
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Final pricing and time frame will be on custom terms.