Windows Virtual Desktop: 10-Day Proof of Concept


Deployment and knowledge transfer for a pre-defined Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop solution to allow your organisation to evaluate the features of the service via our Proof of Concept engagement.
Windows Virtual Desktop provides clients with a comprehensive desktop and application virtualisation service in the Cloud. Delivering a secure service with simplified management, multi-session Windows 10, Office 365 ProPlus optimisation, and support for Remote Desktop Services environments that can be deployed and scaled quickly. Provides secure remote access to your business applications • Provides your workforce anytime, any location and any device access • Provides enhanced Azure security for your mobile workforce • Multi-session Windows 10 and Application experience with scalability • Full support, management and optimisation for platform and end users • Identity-based protection with Multi-Factor Authentication and Single Sign-On • Migration of Windows Server remote desktops and applications to Azure • Can quickly virtualise and deploy modern and legacy applications • Unified Management of Windows 10, Windows Server and Windows 7 Benefits • Delivered by an Azure Expert MSP accredited Microsoft partner. • Boost Employee efficiency and flexibility • Improve collaboration to increase productivity • Unlock cost benefits and consolidation within your technology stack • Secure access to corporate resources from any device or location • Reduce costs with pooled. Multi-session resources • The platform receives significant annual invested in cybersecurity • Flexible and scalable pricing based on consumption • More secure, productive virtual desktop experience on Azure • Reduce the number of virtual machines and operating system overheads • Provides the base environment and deployment ready for risual's fully Managed Virtual Desktop service