Data & AI Transformation Azure Data Assessment - 6 Week Proof of Value


Satori Analytics is offering a 6 week Azure Proof of Value, a working deliverable that has real business value.

The exact scope of the PoV deliverable will be agreed with you during your Azure assessment phase. Its duration will be typically timeboxed to 6 weeks to ensure working functionality and business value is delivered.

Prior to starting a PoV, we will have already done an assessment with you. There are two levels of assessment:

  • A full 6-week Data and AI Transformation Azure Data Assessment
  • A quick, streamlined and free, 2-hour Azure Data Assessment

Description An Azure based Data Warehouse with Reporting | 6 weeks

  • The backbone of your new Azure Data Warehouse solution. A multi-layered data estate including the DW.
  • Automated ETL/ELT pipelines from 2 to 3 different data sources. Modernized and upgraded reporting in Power BI
  • Deep dive analysis on further expanding the delivered data estate

Complementary options Reporting Only | 4 to 6 weeks Modernize existing reports or create new ones using Power BI. Hands-on training on your BI team can be included.

Technical evaluation | 4 to 6 weeks Fit for purpose evaluation of a specific technology to unlock business value. This includes low-code technologies that significantly reduce data engineering effort.

Azure Machine Learning - 2 options | 3 to 8 weeks

  • Integration of a model into an automated pipeline (ML Ops). 3 to 6 weeks
  • A custom Machine Learning model. 6 to 8 weeks

Azure Cloud Migration | 6 weeks A limited data estate migration from on-premise to Azure. Hands-on training of your data engineers can be included. We time-box this offering to 6 weeks.