Cloud Data Platform: 4-Day Workshop

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Microsoft Azure as Data Platform: 4-Day workshop

*We enable organizations to transform their business and culture as data driven * -​

Siili Cloud Data Platform workshop unlock the value of data and help organization to design modern data platform.​

​##Agenda for the workshops​

Pre-call Planning

1 hour call to identify your needs and evaluate the possibility to use your data in the workshop. ​ Discuss the workshop in more detail to gather initial business requirements and expectations.​

Day 1

​Kick off of the project, introducing Azure Cloud Platform and it's key capabilities.​ Day focuses on your needs and what value are you looking for when utilizing the Azure Cloud Platform. ​ Goal of the day is to set a common vision, user needs, context, business goal and initial concept.​

Day 2

​Continue to gather requirements for the data platform by interviews.​ We also design the concept in more detail, architecture and integrations. ​

Day 3

​We continue discussions with stake holders.​ We draw together findings and make initial decisions.​

Day 4

​We document and present initial design of architecture and planning next step to make it real!​


Initial Architecture design of your solution​

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Price is an estimate, travelling and accommodation costs are added if you are outside Helsinki Metropolitan area.