Migration Landing Zone: 1-Wk Implementation


Get started in Azure with a best-practices foundation for cloud management

The Softchoice Migration Landing Zone is an efficient implementation of Azure foundational technical components in order to facilitate a future Azure Migration. We conduct a workshop with you to understand your future Azure state and document simple needs for governance, security, and operations. Then we use Azure Blueprints to deploy the Landing Zone as documented in the workshop.

This offering is not a full enterprise-class landing zone, it is meant for efficiency and getting started in the cloud with a "guardrails" approach to Azure governance. If you have further needs in Azure infrastructure, we can customize our services to deliver on your requirements.

This is one of the components of our Cloud Migration Module to expedite migrating workloads to Microsoft Azure. We build a solution unique to your needs by combining components together to provide the exact services needed.

Objectives of Migration Landing Zone

The Migration Landing Zone is a set of foundational elements that create the basis for Azure migration by:

  • Implementing initial network and proper security protocols
  • Connecting to customer networks to extend data center presence into the cloud
  • Establishing processes, policies, and systems to manage cloud identities and access management
  • Defining and enforcing a set of baseline governance, security and operational policies and principles

What you will achieve

  • Control Azure costs and keep environments secure
  • Reduced ongoing operational and administrative expenses
  • Easy, secure access to various systems without creating additional security silos to enable an agile business
  • Easy accessibility to Azure resources resulting in improved user experience
  • Improve ability to detect and respond to security and compliance anomalies
  • Proper control of the Azure environment to eliminate sprawl

Project Summary

  • Collect a list of application workloads as candidates for a future Azure migration
  • Interview business stakeholders to determine workloads to be migrated
  • Evaluate each workload against technical, and customer business, requirements and determine the most suitable migration type for each workload
  • Create the Migration Backlog for future Azure migration work. This is the list of workloads to be migrated, any business priorities noted, and the migration method for each.