Azure Landing Zone - 4 Weeks Implementation


Get up and running in Azure quickly with a fully functional Azure environment that is ready to run production workloads, Designed and implemented in your Azure tenancy by Sol-Tec within 20 days.

Our team of Azure Architects and delivery consultants will design and deploy your Azure Landing Zone. On completion of the work you will have an Azure environment suitable for running enterprise applications, be those migrated from existing on-premises environments or net new cloud applications.


  • Onsite design workshop to capture your specific requirements.
  • Remote session (via MS Teams / Skype) to present the design back to your stakeholders.
  • Design documents provided using Sol-Tec documentation templates.


  • Hub & Spoke Subscriptions built in line with Azure Enterprise Scaffold good practice recommendations using IaaC.
  • Hub subscription contains FortiNet NVA Firewalls for secure internet edge and segregation of trusted/untrusted network traffic.
  • Build includes all Azure components necessary for a production ready Azure Virtual Data Centre including;

Project Management

  • Sol-Tec fully manages the install with Project management performed remotely from Sol-Tec's UK offices.


  • Onsite half-day handover session to operations / support teams. Including build documentation.

Custom Options

  • Included in price option to connect to on-premises network via Site to Site VPN or ExpressRoute

Outcome On completion of the engagement you will have an operational Azure environment ready for new or migrated workloads that includes;

  • Hub & Spoke topology
  • Security (Isolation & Policy)
  • Subscription management
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Azure Networking and FortiNet Firewall environment
  • Build automation for Spokes
  • Security & Availability Monitoring
  • Backup & Recovery

Other packages available: Standard, Bespoke

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