Data Consulting Workshop - 6 weeks

Sonata Software Ltd.

A envisioning workshop to identify the right data management platform that enables you to achieve your digital transformation goals, leveraging Azure Data Capabilities.

Workshop Activities The workshop will establish the connect between your digital agenda with data assets and help you realize your digital roadmap through a detailed data asset management model and data platform approach.

Prep Activities Align with Stakeholders Understand Digital agenda

Week 1-2 - Digital Agenda Data Strategy Data Assets for Digital Agenda Data Sources and Data Characteristics Data Use Case Data Assets Use cases
User- Scenario – Decision - Benefit Week 3-4 - Analysis & Solutioning Data Asset Execution Roadmap Roadmap – First Wave Use cases- POC definition First Wave - Need Analysis Use case detailing Outcome Assessment Week 5-6 - Architecture & Execution Solution Definition - Platform architecture, POC Execution Wave 1 Execution Plan For First Wave Execution - Team, Timelines and Costs

Workshop Deliverables Week 1-2 Data Strategy Critical Data Assets List and Use Cases Week 3-4 Execution Roadmap Wave 1 Use Case Requirements Week 5-6 Data Platform Technology Architecture Wave 1 Proposal