Geolocation Business Booster: 10-Days Assessment

Sopra Steria France

GBB is a unified geolocation platform that brings together all your data flows, whatever their source, allowing unified real-time tracking, and rapid integration into your business applications.

10-Days assessment will help you with benefits & an estimate for your T&T IoT initiatives.

Target Audience:CxO Level, CIO & IT-manager

Integration:Deployed on Azure with managed database services (Azure Blob Storage) and uses Azure IoT Hub as data input and output

Value Proposition:

  • GBB offers E2E tracking of assets from heterogeneous sources of information such as tracking technologies, IT systems, partner & public information
  • A complete tool to track assets (not just the trackers) with all history of information and additional business information (like status, temperature, weight, etc.)
  • Using GBB APIs, Power BI as an analytics layer can be added

Key Benefits:

  • Manage assets, ensure safety, create new incomes & optimize workflow
  • E2E support for solution implementation, deployment, & monitoring with KPIs to track progress


  • Solution Discovery(3 days)-Our IoT experts will learn the business objective and the challenges faced and then will study the use case to find an optimal solution that contributes to overall business growth
  • Technology Discovery(3 days)-Analysis to check the compatibility of already deployed technologies OR suggestion for appropriate tracking technology(on need basis)
  • Architecture Design(2 days)-Designing the HLA for the entire solution
  • Deliverables Preparation & Presentation(2 days)-Preparation of a report & presentation to the stakeholders

Outcome: A report containing –

  • A recommendation for the tracking technology for the different assets with reasons(on need basis)
  • The estimated value of GBB and KPI to follow real value after deployment
  • E2E roadmap on the implementation of the use case with GBB
  • Budget & the required competencies

Price: Fixed in remote mode; travel expenses will be estimated otherwise