Microsoft Purview MVP: 10-Week Implementation

Spyglass MTG, LLC

With this offering, you can jumpstart your data governance with automated data discovery, classification, and end-to-end data lineage.

Spyglass’s Microsoft Purview MVP offering is a 10-week/$75,000 minimum viable product (MVP) implementation of Azure Purview to provide a jumpstart to your data governance foundation across your enterprise data assets.

This offering focuses on establishing the foundation for data governance with Azure Purview to tackle key governance scenarios and capabilities such as aligned glossary terms, search, and browse. We will conduct in-depth requirement sessions for each business unit or group to cover specific end-to-end scenarios such as lineage from on-premises cloud to Power BI sources and develop a holistic governance strategy access roadmap.

Our approach deploys an integrated Microsoft Purview Data Management environment leveraging Azure Well-Architected and the Cloud Adoption Framework for Data Governance. Our solution follows the best practices to deploy a “data management landing zone” through Azure Blueprints.

Our Data Management blueprint for Purview MVP includes a secure and best practice deployment of Microsoft Azure Purview and a defined plan for guiding you through the business objectives of a data governance journey and tasks to manage Data Governance with Microsoft Purview. This includes working with you to build a well-planned deployment of a data governance platform that can:

• Maximizing the business value of your data • Increase collaboration • Foster innovation • Decrease time to discover data • Reduce time-to-market • Reduce operational risks

Stage 1: Initiation (Week 1), Stage 2: Implementation & Deployment (Week 1-9)- Design & Assessment (Week 1-3), Build & Deploy (Week 3-8), Envision Complete Governance (Week 9), Stage 3: Closure (Week 9-10)

Deliverables: Technical Documentation, Production Implementation Design, End-to-End Governance Roadmap & Purview MVP Implementation & Configuration

Price dependent on organizational complexity, source systems in scope, and degree of customer participation.