HeroPath: 8-week Implementation

BDO Digital, LLC

HeroPath Accelerator is an Azure Migration and Modern Data Platform Solution Implemented in 8 weeks

Fueled by best-in-class Microsoft Azure Cloud components, such as Databricks, Synapse, Data Lake, and Power BI, HeroPath drives data and AI solutions that allow organizations within any industry to adapt, innovate, recover and grow. We use an Azure cloud environment that can be scaled up or down, so that you only pay for what you need, as you need it.

HeroPath Azure Cloud Implementation Steps

  • Data Discovery Week 1: Prior to ingestion, our experts will spend up to 1 week understanding your challenges and goals, auditing your data, and learning how your existing systems work.
  • Platform Setup Week 1-2: Having this deep knowledge into your current situation allows our DevOps specialists to create a sophisticated data orchestration model for a production level data pipeline.
  • Data Ingestion & Processing Week 3-4: Ingesting data is about more than pulling it in, it’s about creating a complex arrangement of all the pieces, knowing what has value and what does not, to ensure that the results are meaningful to you. Our infrastructure is designed to take in a high volume of data, from a variety of sources across entire organizations, and create one unified pipeline.
  • Data Modelling & Reporting Week 5-6: Following ingestion, data engineering transforms your data into meaningful analytics. This stage is all about the science behind making data usable and uncovering patterns to learn where you’ve been and where you’re going. We focus on knowing what to pull in, when, and how frequently. The various data is cleaned and sorted, so that the most relevant data can be merged. Power BI is used to create dashboards that bring your data to life.
  • Deploy & Knowledge Transfer Week 7 -8 : Once the data has been transformed into meaningful analytics, our team ensures that the data is made accessible to the correct people and governed by role and/or permissions to keep your data secure.