Implement a modern Azure data platform in 10 Weeks


Deploy and adopt Azure Data Platform and Analytics services to develop a healthy data culture and a modern data platform to equip your organisation with rich and accurate AI-powered insights,

Sword will help your organisation design, plan, deploy, and adopt an Azure modern data platform as part of your strategic approach to delivering insights and crucial data as part of a healthy data culture. With the use of Microsoft Azure Synapse and Sword’s best practice blueprints, Sword will deliver a single modern data platform supporting both BI and AI.

Within minutes of being setup in Azure Synapse, we will help you analyse, transform, and consolidate data across multiple sources and start analysing them with help from tools such as Microsoft Power BI and Azure Databricks.

Sword will use our Azure blueprint, framework data sets and Power BI reporting templates supporting Finance, HR, Payroll, and Emissions to deliver new insights, fast. We deliver high pace outputs at low running costs.

We use a tried and tested approach:

Week 1

  • Assessment, discovery and design
  • Complete your initial Azure setup to ready your cloud data environment
  • Conduct data discovery and data sourcing from source systems
  • Reporting requirements documented in Business Matrix

Week 2

  • Create your conceptual model for Azure Synapse and assess data lineage to Data Source

Week 3

  • Physical data model design completed, including data dictionary and business glossary
  • Commence building your modern data platform with Azure Synapse

Week 4

  • Ongoing build activities in Azure, and sprint reviews

Week 5

  • Begin testing of your new Azure environment, including data scenarios and source system data integrity validation

Week 6

  • Begin the creation of your Power BI dashboards in line with requirements

Week 7

  • Complete the build of your modern data platform in Azure

Week 8

  • Complete testing and sign-off your Azure data environment for production use

Week 9

  • Power BI dashboards completed

Week 10

  • Skill transition completed with your internal team, or transition to our data platform and insights managed services