Azure Cloud Adoption Service: 1 month project

System4u a.s.

Full stack service to help you with transitioning of your business operations to Azure cloud platform

Azure Adoption Service is a solution that helps businesses efficiently migrate and integrate their systems, applications, and data onto the Azure cloud platform, enabling them to leverage its scalability, reliability, and advanced features to optimize operations and achieve on their digital transformation goals. The service offer include end-to-end implementation service on adoption and transition to Azure public cloud or hybrid/multicloud solution.

Typically we deliver in 3 stage approach, which contains following milestones & tasks:


  • Inventory collection and Item Categorization
  • App discovery
  • Technical Compatibility and Dependencies settings
  • Consumption, Cost Analysis


  • Performance and Scalability Assessment
  • Data migration Assessment
  • Application Interdependencies and Integration Points
  • Designing blueprint, documentation creation
  • Risk Assessment and Mitigation plannning


  • Kick-off
  • Schedule work
  • Implementation phase
  • Completion review, results assessment

Our teams consist of certified and experienced IT consultants, Architects and Delivery Enginneers. We can drive the entire adoption from Project/Program Manager seat.

The service is highly customizable accordingly to every Client need. We can suit the service offering to any environment and complexity scale, from invidual components to large scale app landscapes or entire data center location moves.

On that purpose we suggest half a day workshop together to agree on exact service scope. Close Client collaboration on multiple tasks is expected during delivery phase in order to provide business insights, decisions and guidance.