TCS Cloud Journey (CAF) - 2 Hours Briefing

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd.

2-hour briefing on TCS Cloud Journey (CAF) provides orientation on how TCS will work with the customer and deliver the cloud Journey.

The cloud is indeed a game- changer for most of the enterprises. Approaches to data and security practices need to be properly addressed during cloud planning in moving to cloud – the key is the mix of the change management and strategy. It is also essential to identify and avoid common mistakes and misconceptions to maximize the benefits of a cloud solution. Some of the critical factors in planning are effective business case, industry trends, selecting data for cloud, connecting the on-premises applications with cloud, change and training plan. Also, short-, medium- and long-term goals should be planned to leverage the benefits of cloud and integrate it with the current IT and business in proper order. In short, a Cloud adoption journey is more than choosing a technology, it requires planning for the future. It should be noted that the effort, and thus cost, of designing and implementing the cloud environment for the first migration project isn’t repeated in the second, third, and subsequent projects. Designing identity and security, network, and integrations efforts in the first project will pay future references.. The TCS Cloud Adoption Journey offering enables customers to plan, make environment ready, migrate, govern, and sustain varied workloads on Microsoft Azure. It is a one-stop marketplace that enables our customers to reimagine their cloudification journey and accelerate cloud adoption. TCS Cloud Adoption Journey workshops focus on following phases : • Cloud Strategy Decision Services: Define business justification and expected outcomes of adoption (covers executive mandate, cloud drivers, financial model, business criteria, technical criteria, SLA); align actionable adoption plans to business outcomes (covers assets inventory, TCO, ROI, Best practices and governance, networking, and security overview); and define migration strategy (covers lift & shift / application modernization, containerization, Azure VMWare solution) • Cloud Transformation Execution: Prepare the cloud environment and work on the cloud skills landing zone design, skilling track, migration execution • Cloud Operations: Provides management and support of the cloud estate Deliverables

  1. Needs/triggers aggregation – Input session – Business drivers.
  2. Cloud adoption plan – TCS offering and assessment capability to decide migration path
  3. Anticipated benefits, license savings – Benefits of Azure Hybrid model in terms of license usage
  4. Guidance on customize Hybrid Cloud Adoption Strategy based on the business needs and expected outcome. Take advantage of our free briefing session to explore the business and technical benefits of the solution and get a proven path to unlock its benefits for your cloud adoption journey.