Page Speed Booster for SAP Commerce: 1-Day Imp

team neusta GmbH

team neusta’s SAP Commerce experts will reduce your server load by integrating on-demand image processing in the cloud and optimized CDN delivery in a one-day consulting session.

team neusta Consulting – The team neusta company group is specialized in the development of digital platforms. More than 1,000 employees ensure our customers’ success by creating customized and sustainable solutions. We develop projects along the whole value-added chain: custom software development, web and mobile applications, online marketing and communications as well as SAP consulting and coaching. We’ve earned Gold status in Azure Application Development and other Azure cloud competencies.

Website Performance Consulting – Consulting includes the installation of an extension integrating into SAP Commerce, feature presentation and developer coaching on site (expenses not included).

Feature Extensibility – The solution can be adapted and customized to your needs by team neusta’s experienced SAP Commerce consultants on a time and material basis. Image Optimization – is a real-time image processing service in the cloud. We accelerate large e-commerce websites and apps by scaling and optimizing images on-the-fly based on the users’ device types and network conditions. All optimized assets will be delivered to your customers by Azure’s Content Delivery Network.

Optimized Azure CDN delivery – Azure Content Delivery Network’s (CDN) globally distributed nodes let you reduce load times, save bandwidth, and easily handle sudden traffic spikes. Azure CDN integrates with services from Akamai and Verizon, enabling customers to select the right solution for their needs.

Optional Cloud Storage – The solution offers the ability to seamlessly upload images to’ secure and scalable cloud storage. Customers who choose this option benefit from reduced SAP Cloud hard drive usage and even faster image processing.