Azure Blueprint: 2-Wk Digital Transformation Workshop

Tech Fabric LLC

Unlock Azure's power in a 2-week deep dive. Transform business operations, boost revenue, and enhance loyalty. From technical exploration to a detailed blueprint, we guide your digital evolution.

Value Proposition: "Unlock unparalleled growth and efficiency with Microsoft Azure. In a structured two-week program, embark on a transformative journey that promises enhanced revenue, productivity, and customer loyalty. Experience the power of Azure's digital transformation, automating processes, and setting the stage for a future-ready business."

What to Expect in the Two-Week Program:

Week 1 - Laying the Foundations:

Kickoff (Day 1): • Engage with TechFabric's top-tier team: Technical Architects, Developers, and UX Designers. • Set the tone for the transformative journey ahead. Vision & Objectives (Days 2-3): • Clearly define the challenges at hand. • Outline desired end-user experiences and overarching business goals. Technical Exploration (Days 4-5): • Dive deep into API strategies, CRM integrations, and the potential of Robotic Process Automation. • Understand how these elements can revolutionize your operations. User-Centric Approach (Days 6-7): • Map out user journeys based on thorough research. • Review and analyze competitive experiences to ensure you stay ahead. Security & Compliance (Day 7): • Emphasize the importance of GDPR, CCPA, and WCAG 2.1 AA standards. • Build a foundation of trust and compliance.

Week 2 - Crafting the Blueprint:

Refinement Sessions (Days 8-9): • Finalize user journeys and process designs. • Ensure alignment with business objectives. System Architecture (Days 10-11): • Visualize the complete tech stack, including integrations and cloud-native application strategies. • Lay the groundwork for seamless system operations. Roadmap to Launch (Days 12-13): • Detail production milestones, tasks, and sprint estimations. • Chart a clear path to launch, ensuring timely and efficient rollouts. Budgeting (Day 14): • Outline the costs associated with the development journey. • Ensure financial transparency and alignment with business objectives.