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Professional Services for Assessment, Design and Migration for Azure. For more details on our offerings, please contact us.

  1. Planning and Assessment Service: To support our customers in their cloud journey, at any level of maturity, Vivo offers Azure Professional Services with the Planning and Assessment service, a specialized team to evaluate and make projects viable with total efficiency, security, and planning. We help you analyze and validate which applications are suitable for migration, developing the adequate architecture and deploying it on Azure, finally, in executing the migration through a continuous process. The Planning and Assessment service facilitates your transition to Azure, offering a view of the ideal Azure environment for each application and our value proposition that is developed based on business priorities of organizations:

• Low Cost/High ROI: Requires a small initial investment compared to other IT reviews. • Faster assessment cycle: Quickly understand how the ideal architecture should look like. • Quick insights into future benefits: Having a clear view of which approach will produce the greatest results.

The service considers all aspects that may influence IT environment design. It performs a 360º analysis of the applications to be migrated, the underlying infrastructure and other aspects of the organization. This is achieved through tools that will gather all information related to your infrastructure and gain a deep understanding of how it works, improving and segmenting the best model in Microsoft Azure.

The desired Azure model is decided not only by performance but also by a cost-benefit analysis. Our team of experts will guide the journey to Azure, creating a migration path and roadmap to facilitate your transition. The Planning and Assessment Service helps customers in their journey to Microsoft Azure, recommending the appropriate model for their workload. It will provide migration path, complexity estimates, and a business case to help the customer make the decision for next steps in the journey to Microsoft Azure.

  1. Standard Design and Implementation Service: Our Standard Design and Implementation Service allows our customers to have a proper architecture design in their Microsoft Azure deployment. It includes automation templates, application monitoring, and security improvements that make it projectable with Microsoft Azure. This grants that the client’s infrastructure is ready for the cloud trip led by our experts to build the client cloud base architecture in Microsoft Azure.

The value proposition for this service aims to deliver without rework by using the right approach:

• Faster time to value through agile delivery: Increase the speed of the design and implementation cycle through an agile way of working • Seamless integration of internal infrastructure: Eliminates inefficiencies of integration between cloud and on-premise systems through proven structures. • Modular design focused on need: Clearly defined set of modules with the right size fit that is most appropriate for your organization. • Scalable to business growth: Be able to align infrastructure to business performance.

With the Standard Design and Implementation service, Telefonica improves the client's current architecture by defining, designing, and deploying their configuration as the base of the architecture for Microsoft Azure. Our specialists will define the necessary design type, based on the size of the infrastructure and the customer's current stage in its journey to Azure. The service will automate most processes that the infrastructure of the organization needs to be cloud-compliant and, by doing so, making it high-performance. Additionally, it will provide security improvements and application monitoring to facilitate your IT operations.

  1. Low-Touch Migration:

We help you analyze and validate which applications are suitable for migration, developing the right architecture in Microsoft Azure, and finally, in executing the migration through a continuous process. elefonica provides Low-Touch Migration services that will ensure a smooth and cost-effective transition to Microsoft Azure. This is driven by our cloud migration experts using toolkits and processes in a factory-based model.

But when to use Low-Touch Migration?

• Organizations that are more concerned about cost and time to migrate may choose this approach • Organizations looking to immediately reduce on-premises infrastructure costs. • Organizations incurring a lot of costs in maintaining physical infrastructures. For example, if the configuration of a data center costs twice as much compared to the cloud, it is advisable to move the application to the cloud with minimal or no modification. • For organizations that choose to move to the cloud and have some applications that need to continue operating without interruption or modification, rehosting is a good option.

At the end of the migration phase, you will have your applications and data migrated to the cloud