Digital Drivers for Mobility : 4-hr Briefing


4-hr briefing on the Digital Drivers for Mobility and the business transformation opportunity of digital and cloud Mobility Services in Automotive.

This two-part consulting offer will help your team understand the business transformation opportunities and advantages of leveraging Microsoft Azure Cloud Platform for your Connected Vehicles Services, Mobility Services and Connected Services projects.

The offer consists of two parts: briefing & consultation.

Briefing - 2.5 hrs

The briefing sets the stage and cover insight into the digital drivers for transformation and how automotive brands can gain competitive advantage by transforming their business with apps, platforms and services built on Microsoft Cloud solutions.

The rapid pace of digital evolution across all industries has highlighted the urgent need for businesses to be flexible, agile and responsive. Automotive is not exempt. The current disruptor – COVID-19, has further exposed need to respond at speed. New propositions, products and services will lessen business exposure in the immediate term but getting these to market in the necessary timeframes will require organizational change, new ways of working and revitalized technology stacks for longer term success.

Briefing topics covered: • E-Mobility • Functionality on demand • Connected Cars and cities • Autonomous driving • Digital consumers • From owners to users/choosers • Mobility as a service • Changing role of the dealership & new marketing strategies • Legislation • Competitive landscape • Business agility with Azure Cloud • The Impact of Covid-19 on the Industry, on purchasing, on MaaS

Consultation 1.5 hours

The consultation is specific to your business. This consultation with our Mobility Industry and Cloud experts will help your team understand what digital and cloud means for your business, determine if you're on the right Azure path and offer recommendations for your mobility projects and connected services.

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