Data Analytics Accelerator : 3Wk Implementation


Let's help you create a modern data platform to uncover new insights, collaborate, innovate and drive a data-driven culture using Azure Synapse Analytics

Data is the new currency of the modern world. Yet, many organisations have different datasets, in separate systems, working in silos. vNEXT helps customers bring data together to create new insights and improve its decision-making. vNEXT works with you to define data sources and problem statements, and then helps you bring them to life with ingestion, analysis, and new actionable statistics.

WHY THE vNEXT Data Analytics PLAN? We are experts in Data & AI. Our team members have literally written books on the topic! We create long lasting benefits to your business beyond trials and proof of concepts. We don’t stop just with deliverables, but we ensure your team learns and takes this journey with us!

What you get? - Automated deployment and scaffolding of your modern data platform using Azure DevOps. - A fully designed and configured data lake with zones, access control, and DeltaLake using Azure Data Lake Storage Gen 2. - We Ingest your data to the new platform, and we help your team learn along the way. - We help you configure and setup Security, Governance, and Monitoring - We also provide you with sample dashboard and Databricks Notebook to help you team get started.