Monitoring Integration Service: 4-Week Implementation


VOLO provides proactive monitoring integration service for your on-premise, cloud apps and infrastructure in order to avoid downtime frustration and ensure cost efficiency.

VOLO is a certified Microsoft Gold Partner and a global software development and innovation company, with extensive experience in Microsoft Azure Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) implementation, migration, automation, deployment, monitoring integration and operations management. 

VOLO offers monitoring integration services with a full cycle of monitoring set up and configuration of application performance, infrastructure, security components, databases for on-premise, and for Microsoft Azure platform services by providing complete diagnostics of the Azure environment including, but not limited to, performance counters, event logs, IIS logs, Crash dumps, Error Logs, Infrastructure logs.

Monitoring Integration service provides you with benefits critical to your business:
- Move from break and fix to proactive service
- Address security and compliance challenges
- Reduce maintenance effort and repetitive tasks
- Gain insight and intelligence across on-premise and cloud infrastructure
- Diagnose trace and address failures in near real time
- Identify bottlenecks and optimize your monitoring processes

While acquiring the service, you will have the support and advice of VOLO’s specialists who will carry out the process with highest quality to ensure Azure cost efficiency and to deliver benefits across your organization.

Implementation Process

1.Scope & Setup

• Identify business issues and their severity levels
• Plan monitoring Integration approach
• Establish monitoring Integration services

2.Design & Plan

• Define SLI, SLO
• Design custom dashboards
• Identify alert triggers
• Identify metrics (CPU, Memory, Server Response time, Dependency, Network rx and tx etc.)
• Add application performance metrics
• Identify logging

3.Develop & Deploy

• Deploy monitoring Integration services
• Deploy dashboards
• Configure alerts and triggering

• Discuss support and maintenance plan


• Configuration templates and implementation plan

• Post-deployment high/low-level design document
• Monitoring Integration validation report
• Post-deployment support and consultancy

Note: the pricing and the duration for the service depends on a number of factors including (but not limited to) customer size, workloads involved and geographical spread.