UDS Enterprise VDI: UDS Cloud on Azure

Virtual Cable SLU

UDS Enterprise VDI: UDS Cloud on Azure

Virtual Cable SLU

Best user experience, automation and security for your Windows & Linux virtual desktops on Azure.

UDS Cloud on Azure provides high levels of automation to all the processes involved in the configuration, start-up, and maintenance of a VDI platform with Azure. By applying the parameters on a single template, the system automatically replicates them in all the virtual desktops, which can be Windows or Linux. An unlimited number of desktops can be deployed with a single click, and are immediately available to users, removing downtime. Access is easy and intuitive; through a personalized web address, which is instantly generated by the system, users obtain access to their virtual desktops.

Main advantages:

  • UDS Cloud on Azure has been validated by Microsoft as a secure VDI solution optimized to run on Azure
  • Best-in-class user experience
  • Advanced security for Office 365
  • Optimization for Teams
  • Native Azure AD Authenticator integration
    • Automatic user validation
    • Single Sign-On for all Microsoft applications
  • High levels of automation: No more wasting time on manual settings

  • Deploy unlimited desktops with just one click

  • Workplaces immediately available to users

  • Secure and intuitive access

  • Cost savings: Schedule the automatic power on and shutdown of the machines. Set your access schedule and pay only for the exact time you spend in the cloud

  • Personalize the dashboards with your corporate image and according to the specific needs of each user profile

  • Manage overflows from one platform to another to guarantee service continuity once the maximum contracted capacity is reached

UDS Cloud on Azure is the version of UDS Enterprise optimized for Azure.

For further technical information, visit the documentation section on our website.