Forescout for OT Security Core


Forescout for OT Security Core


Continuous, automated OT security, asset management, risk compliance, and threat detection through non-intrusive OT/ICS network monitoring.

Forescout for OT Security Core on Azure provides actionable visibility into your extended enterprise to deliver real-time risk and compliance insights without traditional agents. Make decisions with confidence knowing your devices are identified and protected across your entire network from on-prem to cloud in real-time.

For more than 20 years, Forescout has been working to make cybersecurity faster, less complex, more resilient, and continuous. From banks and governments to hospitals and power plants, all rely on Forescout to identify, protect, and ensure the protection of their entire enterprise – from their core to the farthest site, down to their most precious assets. As the threat landscape expands and introduces challenges that can disrupt or shut down anything from essential services to commerce, communications, and even life-saving equipment; you don’t want to wait. You don’t want to worry. You don’t want to guess.

Forescout for OT Security Core offers a robust approach to identifying threats, securing operations, and ensuring compliance for all cyber assets in OT and ICS environments, while empowering asset owners with:

Comprehensive Asset Intelligence: Achieve unparalleled visibility across all assets — OT, IoT, IT, with real-time insights into configurations, behavior, and risks for proactive security management.

Risk & Vulnerabilities Management: Streamline risk assessments and focus on urgent remediation with customized risk scores and non-disruptive vulnerability assessments for OT and IoT.

Threat Detection & Intelligence: Stay ahead of the curve with Forescout for OT Security Core’s advanced detection capabilities and ICS-specific intelligence to continuously protect against cyber threats of all kinds.

Regulatory Compliance: Comply with regulations effortlessly with comprehensive asset inventories and automated checks, ensuring you're always prepared for audits.

Forescout for OT Security will be your solution of choice whether you are a

CISO seeking improved business resilience, seamless digital innovation and strict regulatory compliance,

SOC manager or security analyst seeking optimized vulnerability and threat management, efficient alert management, improved security efficiency, simplified reporting and communication

SCADA and operations manager seeking comprehensive device management, proactive threat detection, increased resilience and efficiency

IT and network manager seeking streamlined vendor management, compatibility and interoperability, cost management and predictability.

Forescout for OT Security Core can work with other components of the Forescout platform (contact your Forescout rep for details) to enable:

Segmentation Management: Restrict network access and isolate high-risk assets with powerful traffic analysis to improve your defense posture.

Automate Workflows and Remediation: Leverage actionable insights to automate response and remediation, from ticket creation to device segmentation, increasing operational efficiency.

Optimized Security Operations: Prioritize and accelerate remediation and incident response with Forescout for OT Security Core’s event analysis to improve the effectiveness of your security operations.