Azure App Modernization: 2-Hour Briefing


Prepare your organization for app modernization and benefit from a free, in-depth conversation with certified Azure professionals!

Looking for professional advice on app modernization?

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Get your organization ready for the technology advancements of tomorrow by eliminating risks that derive from legacy applications.

Benefits for you

Struggling to determine the right path to app modernization?

You can now explore the benefits of modernization in a conversation with a Gold Microsoft Partner, with proven competencies in cloud migration advisory, application development, and modernization!

  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Improved efficiency and operational excellence
  • Enhanced scalability
  • Better customer engagement
  • Rock-solid data security


The briefing is led by experienced Azure consultants who will work with you to cover the following aspects:

  • Overview of business objectives, considerations, and performance requirements;
  • Outline and comparison of Azure resources;
  • Definition of appropriate architecture setup according to app needs;
  • Review of cost, security, and performance considerations.


This 2-hour discussion will prepare you for driving app modernization by providing a structured view of all necessary considerations, presenting the versatility of Azure and its specific resources, and providing recommendations on building the right Azure architecture.

Benefit from a free, in-depth conversation with certified Azure professionals, to pinpoint areas for improvement in application performance!

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