Snowflake on Azure Consultation - 1 hour briefing

Agile Solutions GB Ltd

A 1-hour session with Agile Solutions will describe the advantages & key features of Snowflake when used on Azure. We will also include migration and Azure ETL technology choices

Our professional services can help you build a Cloud Data Warehouse utilising Snowflake on Microsoft Azure. This can be a driver of new business and revenue sources.

We can help you mobilise to make faster and better business decisions through having: • One Platform One copy of Data, many workloads • Secure & Governed Access to all data • Near-zero maintenance as a Service • Unlimited Performance and Scale We will work directly with you to discuss and understand your current business problems or insight goals.

Our Session Covers We will discuss the technical capabilities and features while working with you to identify how your current business and technical requirements can be supported. We will show how to: • Optional Introduction to Snowflake • Use Snowflake’s intuitive user interface • Easily load, integrate and query structured and semi-structured data • Instantly scale and isolate workloads • Connect to your existing BI and ETL tools

Helping you accelerate your cloud journey by: • Describing first steps to plan migration from legacy systems to Snowflake • Structuring a delivery strategy to modernize your data warehouse • Application of Azure Best Practice for Snowflake • Scheduling a 1 day Cloud Data Warehouse Workshop • Discussing and describing integration and migration options • Preparing next steps, demonstrations and possible POCs • Prioritising further requirements gathering

Start with a Foundation for: • An Architecture Built for Azure Cloud • Enable elastic scaling of processing • Clearly separated storage and processing • Necessary data sovereignty

From this session you will be able to link directly a Data Strategy Delivery or Cloud Data Warehouse free 1 day workshop to build out your requirements