Realtime Sensor-Based IoT Monitoring and Alerts: 4-week POC

AI Consulting Group

Establish real-time IoT-based monitoring through Azure IoT Hub with alerts and notification for timely response and mitigation as well as escalation system.

Create an IoT based monitoring and push real-time telemetries from millions of IoT sensors to Azure IoT Hub. Receive real-time notifications for alerts established on identified parameters. These sensors include but are not limited to, Noise, Vibration, Movement, Lighting, Hydration, Temperature, Machine Speed, RPM, Torque, Coolant Temperature, Chemical Detection, Air Quality, C02.

Telemetry data from devices sent through the Azure IoT hub can be used in short operational timeframes for immediate action and intervention and for longer-term analytics and model building. Realtime monitoring provides immediate action from identified users when data falls above or below the normal range. With analytics, identify factors that can possibly trigger deviation and alerts.