Azure Cloud Managed Services: 12-Week Implementation


Anblicks encapsulates an Azure-certified team of skilled engineers specializing in developing and delivering efficient cloud-managed services and solutions every time they are called.

Anblicks stands among the leaders of cloud data analytics companies across the United States, Australia, and New Zealand. Our Azure experts understand the nature of your existing infrastructure and provide cloud strategy and plan of action by leveraging Azure tools and technologies. It helps in protecting data transforming multi-cloud infrastructure and applications in the enterprise-level cloud journey.

At Anblicks, we provide assessment, authorization, and continuous monitoring of cloud operations with security assurance on the Azure Cloud. It helps our clients in hassle-free cloud migration by reducing the Total Cost of Ownership and maximizing Return on Investment for various industries like finance, retail, and insurance. Our services focus on:

  • Infrastructure Operations Management: At Anblicks, we offer unique infrastructure operations management service, allowing our clients to streamline their CloudOps effectively.

  • Monitoring: To maintain the integrity of the data in the cloud, Anblicks offer continuous monitoring to the clients.

  • Disaster Recovery: Anblicks incorporates a unique fail-safe disaster recovery system. This allows us to keep the client data safe and secure during any disaster.

  • Process Automation: Anblicks offer state-of-the-art process automation service to clients. This service allows the clients to conduct regular cloud operations without human intervention and errors.

  • Log Analysis: To maintain a proper lineage of the cloud data, we at Anblicks offer unique log analysis that continually monitors the logs data and alerts in case of any anomaly.

  • Cloud Cost Optimization: Anblicks offer effective cloud services, ensuring the clients are satisfied and happy.

Customer Benefits

  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Cost-effective Infrastructure and Deployment Strategy
  • Increase Efficiency
  • Improved Reliability
  • Regulatory Compliance