Product Design Sprint - 5 day workshop

Ijyi Ltd

Put your customer at the heart of your business with Design Thinking. Maximise your Azure investment, promote innovation and test ideas with real customers and in under a week.

Value Proposition Our consultants provide best of breed advice around service and tool selection within the Azure ecosystem and can help you to maximise your Azure investment. This service will enable customers to get started with or extend their use of Azure technology by recommending the best Azure software to compliment their business requirements. Depending on your specific requirements IJYI will work with you to identify the most appropriate Microsoft tools from the Microsoft Power Platform through to Azure.

Within one week you can have the data, analysis and prototypes you need to help you make an informed decision about the next steps for your project.

Workshop Agenda

Day 1: Direct Our SPRINT begins by bringing together insights from the client stakeholders and the IJYI team, to set an overarching goal for the project. We define the end result we need to deliver, the challenges to overcome, and the questions we need to answer over the rest of the SPRINT .

Day 2: Generate This session uses various agile design exercises to ideate big picture goals and raw concepts into possible solutions, using expert insights from the team to rank them in terms of effectiveness and feasibility.

Day 3: Decide Using a structured decision-making process, we score each solution and create a heatmap of the most effective features of each concept. We then assemble a final storyboard that combines all the hottest features for prototyping.

Day 4: Prototype The IJYI developer team takes the output from Day 3, using it to create a compelling set of use-case scenarios for the solution, and a working prototype ready for testing.

Day 5: Prove The prototype is put through user testing, to collect genuine user feedback which helps us refine the solution even further. The end result is a production ready product specification that enables greater stakeholder buy-in because it’s been built from a combination of client needs, expert input and customer feedback.