Securely connecting to Azure Cloud service 1-hour briefing


Kinetic IT is here to secure your Azure Cloud connection aligned to your organisation’s needs, without service disruption.

Kinetic IT partners with clients to setup connectivity to their Azure Cloud environments. With the global shift towards remote working, and more functions and workloads being moved to Azure Cloud environments, it is essential your organisation has the correct connectivity method, optimised for productivity and with security in mind.

Kinetic IT is an Australian owned, managed and operated organisation who offer 24/7/365 Digital Infrastructure Management Services to mission critical clients, operating hybrid environments and working with clients to establish and migrate to Azure Cloud Environments, whether that be application workloads or the latest digital workplace opportunities.

This 1 hour briefing covers:

Customer outcomes:
  • There are various methods of securely connecting to Azure Cloud environments, with network connectivity quickly becoming a bottleneck of performance if not chosen carefully
  • Once connected to your Azure Cloud environment, optimisation of your organisations network connectivity is essential to maintain performance and productivity
  • Understand key security considerations when connecting to your Azure Cloud environment​
Kinetic IT Azure Cloud solution and services, including:
  • Options for connecting to your Azure Cloud environment
  • How to establish connectivity to your Azure Cloud environment and then optimising that connection for your organisations work practices
  • How to retain control over the security of your connection to the Azure Cloud environment​