App Service Accelerator: 6 Week Implementation

KiZAN Technologies

Discover how Azure App Service can unlock growth, efficiency, and agility while reducing administration overhead and costs.

KiZAN’s Azure App Service Accelerator will help your organization refactor legacy applications designed for on-premises infrastructure to run using cloud-native Platform-as-a-Service offerings.

Refactoring workloads to take advantage of Azure's PaaS offerings will allow your organization to truly harness the power of cloud computing. Azure PaaS services leverage the existing technical skills of your developers and engineers and produce opportunities for business growth, increased efficiency, increased agility, scale, high-availability, and reduced costs.

During the Azure App Service Accelerator, KiZAN will deploy an Application Landing Zone with Azure App Service and related services. We will demonstrate the ease of administration of Azure App Service, including application configuration, authentication, logging, and monitoring.

We will also evaluate configuring Azure App Service to scale and meet the high availability needs of your organization, whether your needs are defined by a single application instance or many globally-dispersed instances.


  • Workshop
  • Provisioning
  • Application Configuration
  • Authentication
  • Application Logging and Monitoring
  • Scaling
  • Infrastructure-as-Code Demonstration
  • CI/CD
  • Architecture Patterns
    • Simple, public
    • Private (VNET-integrated)
    • Hybrid Connectivity
    • Containers
    • Isolated (ASE)
  • Architecture Design Session for 1 application.

Move beyond “lift and shift” to experience the true potential of the cloud.