LTIMindtree Sustainable Smart Spaces - 12 Week Implementation

LTIMindtree Limited

Helps to modernize the campus experience while leveraging it to drive Energy Efficiency, Bringing all functional, operational systems, Business analytics into one by Leveraging Azure Cloud Services

LTIMindtree’s Smart campus is a holistic solution to address the challenges at building level to manage the overall building performance with health and actionable insights on each of its systems viz. Energy Management, HVAC optimization, Water and Waste Management, Transformer, DG and UPS monitoring, Onsite renewables, etc. scaling to enterprise-level overview for leadership on sustainability features like Energy & water Savings, carbon footprint reduction, Air quality, etc.

It is an end-to-end connected building solution from sensors to insights, which can be extended to any category of building across industries, that helps organizations track their buildings’ performance and alignments to ESG goals.

This leverages Azure Cloud and its services like Azure Functions, Hololens, ADT, PowerApps, Azure VMs, Azure ML, Azure Pipelines, Azure GIT, ACR and more.