Innovation Anywhere with Azure ARC: 5 Week Implementation


Leverage Azure Arc to unify management, governance and security of your hybrid, on-premises, datacenter, private and public cloud environments

Today, it is not uncommon for businesses to find themselves managing multiple cloud, hosted datacenter and on-premises infrastructure environments. This can often prove challenging to manage and can reduce efficiency where teams are required to operate them via disparate management interfaces. Azure Arc solves this problem with a centralized, unified way to manage, govern and secure hybrid environments, by projecting non-Azure assets into the Azure Resource Manager tooling.

Cognizant offers an assessment and interactive workshop to create a minimally viable Azure Arc environment for hybrid use-cases.

We quickly assess an application, portion of an application, or environment that can benefit from the hybrid scenario offered by Azure Arc. We quickly establish a landing zone and appropriate governance and begin to realize the value of a centralized management and control plane.

We establish a plan to continue the growth of this environment with the customer in order to grow the return on investment for them. This is not a proof of concept. This is a production environment that incrementally grows, and the customer can use when the engagement ends.

Using agile methods the requirements are gathered, the application or servers are identified, the assets required are deployed, and the resources being controlled are onboarded. Customer verification that requirements are met, and planning begins for the next wave of resources. This engagement lasts between 5 and 8 weeks depending on the flavor of hybrid resources are being onboarded.

These are the Azure ARC Solutions we are Offering:

  • Azure Arc connected servers (5 weeks)
  • Azure Arc connected K8s (5 weeks)
  • Azure Arc connected SQL servers (5 weeks)
  • Azure Arc connected SQL Managed Instance / K8s based (8 Weeks)
  • Azure Arc connected vSphere (5 weeks)
  • Azure Arc connected vSphere and AVS (8 weeks)
The estimated offer price relates to the initial consultation. For the subsequent workshop and implementation project, price and actual duration will be customized based on client requirements identified during the initial consultation.