Demand Forecasting and Warehouse Optimization 8-Week PoC

Transition Technologies PSC S.A.

With TTPSC PoC check how the newest technologies like Azure AI, Power BI and Machine Learning solutions can provide you with a precision Demand Forecasting and clues on how to optimize your Warehouse.

Demand forecasting is the process of predicting upcoming demand based on historical data, while warehouse optimization is the application of various methods to increase productivity in a warehouse.

There are seven main reasons that you should pursue demand forecasting and warehouse optimization in your supply chain:

  • Improve inventory accuracy
  • Minimize out-of-stocks and address item shortages more quickly
  • Improve order fulfillment lead time
  • Reduce excess inventory, thereby reducing your company’s total operational costs
  • Plan for peak periods with accurate forecasts of the future need
  • Automate aspects of your business
  • Improve customer services

We use state-of-the-art Azure AI to provide a more accurate and dynamic demand forecast, thus making your operations more efficient and cost-effective.

In TT PSC, we offer industry-leading solutions for the supply chain. With warehouse optimization, you'll be able to analyze your inventory more efficiently and improve order fulfillment rates with our demand forecasting solutions.

Unlike traditional methods available in classic IT systems for warehouse optimization and demand, we use Azure Machine Learning algorithms to predict changes in demand forecasting as accurately and dynamically as possible — giving you complete control of your business success.

The average PoC duration is 6-8 weeks and include:

  • 1 week for business analysis and concept design
  • 4-6 weeks for preparation of data and development ML models
  • 1 week for results visualization
  • 1 week for hand-over and roadmap


  • Azure AI
  • Azure Machine Learning - We can now offer machine learning as a service thanks to cloud-based technology. This has drastically reduced the cost tags of these solutions and has removed the need for hardware investment or in-house data scientists.
  • Azure Databricks - We have partnered with Azure Databricks, a fully managed Apache Spark and Apache Mesos cluster, to help you build high-quality demand forecasting models.
  • Power BI

Price is estimated, and additional costs like on-site setup, transport, and accommodation of our experts are not included.