DS Vantage - 4-Wk Implementation

Visual BI Solutions

Lift and shift your existing big data solution or start from greenfield with this offering that helps you make the best choice for your needs in delivering “cloud-native” big data solutions with Azure

The DS Vantage 4 week implementation focuses on establishing a green field data science lab along with basic services to assist the customer in driving productive use of the Microsoft Azure-based solution across data engineers and data scientists. Highlights from this offering include:

  • Harness data sourced from online networks, web pages, audio and video devices, social media, logs and many other sources to uncover insights and patterns
  • Refine and tune machine learning models to boost prediction accuracy
  • Deliver big data solutions that can encompass “lift and shift” and “cloud-native” implementation models
  • Enable operational agility with enhanced telemetry analysis
  • Move beyond understanding “what happened” to “how can we achieve the best possible outcome”


Week 1

  • Understand the business problem and existing systems to form functional and technical guidelines
  • Evaluate opportunities for advanced analytics to drive value to clients’ business
  • Identify current process, data source and sink to integrate analytical models
  • Suggest best practices and architectural design to initiate data science solutions with Azure resources

Week 2

  • Setup Azure Databricks and/or Machine Learning Service
  • Initiate data science pilot project through data discovery
  • Provision Azure DevOps

Week 3

  • Develop data science pilot project using advanced analytics and machine learning techniques
  • Demonstrate potential business impacts

Week 4

  • Setup Azure DevOps pipelines and release management
  • Setup deployment and version control for Data Science models
  • Provide development best practices and operational guidelines