IoT Ambient Conditions Intelligent Service

Agitare Technologies, Inc.

IoT Ambient Conditions Intelligent Service

Agitare Technologies, Inc.

Agitare Technologies, Inc. IoT Ambient Conditions Intelligence Service (ACIS).

AgitareTech's ACIS

Agitare Technologies, Inc.'s IoT Ambient Conditions Intelligence Service adds intelligence to any hardware.

It enables data center operators, manufacturers, and plant operators to improve their performance and reduce expenses by improving the operational ambient conditions and reducing equipment maintenance costs.

The Ambient Conditions Intelligence Service (ACIS) monitoring and predictive capabilities provide equipment operators, maintenance planners, and facility managers with a comprehensive insight into their assets, enabling an up-to-date view of their operational conditions and performance capabilities, and reducing the risk of failures across the entire portfolio.

  • It constantly monitors ambient conditions for changes and notifies personnel about detected anomalies
  • Collects equipment diagnostics to detect pre-failure conditions and improve the prediction models
  • Uses advanced local and cloud-based machine learning algorithms to predict failures and abnormal conditions
  • Visualizes the customer’s equipment portfolio and identified problem areas

For data center operators...

Datacenter availability and uptime require not only monitoring IT assets like servers and switches but also the ambient conditions around them. The sprawl of small edge data centers needs advanced monitoring and predictive maintenance solutions to reduce the cost of remote operations. However, DCIM solutions fall short and cannot deliver on advanced features like cloud connectivity and predictive maintenance.

AgitareTech's IoT ACIS offers a secure solution for data center operators, allowing them to monitor the ambient conditions without compromising the performance of their IT workloads.

For manufacturers and plant operators...

Plant outages due to equipment failure result on average in $22K/minute unrealized revenue and severely impact the bottom line. Emergency equipment maintenance requires unscheduled support activities and costly parts inventory management on-site. Current monitoring solutions use a myriad of incompatible communication protocols and lack data streaming and cloud capabilities.

AgitareTech's IoT ACIS unifies the data collected from different sensors and presents it through a single pane of glass allowing operators to not only see the various conditions across their portfolio but also to control the conditions remotely.