SFTP - OpenSSH FTP Server on Debian 10 Minimal

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SFTP - OpenSSH FTP Server on Debian 10 Minimal

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Secure file transfer software

OpenSSH FTP Server on Debian 10 Minimal

Nowadays we all take care of the safety of our data. No matter is some personal information or business files, nobody wants to lose them while transmission. And to succeed in this case of making data transfer safe, you need to use all the possible instruments. OpenSSH FTP Server is one of the most useful instruments in this field.

OpenSSH FTP Server works in the same way as the basic FTP Server (File Transfer protocol). It transfers your files wherever you want, but in addition, it guarantees the security of your files. It encrypts all your information and lets you securely share any kind of data. So, when you transfer some billing data, funds, or data recovery files with OpenSSH FTP Server, you can be sure of the safety of your files.

OpenSSH FTP Server then utilizes authentication to prevent unauthorized file access, so nothing ever falls into the wrong hands, providing businesses with a higher level of file transfer protection.

Don’t hesitate to start using our OpenSSH FTP Server on Debian 10 Minimal, and set a new level of security for your files.

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