ChainSys Data Ingestion (No-Code ETL Platform) for Snowflake


ChainSys Data Ingestion (No-Code ETL Platform) for Snowflake


Migration, Integration Reference data from any data source or legacy system to Snowflake


The Snowflake technology when combined with the ChainSys Smart Data Platform is a masterpiece in Cloud Data Management. The sophisticated tools enable you to discover and scale access to trusted data across businesses and systems.

With governance and quality at the core of our product design, the tools are open, and fully customizable helping organizations get the best from their enterprise-wide data by increasing data usage, and collaboration, ultimately delivering visual insights and analytics in the optimal amount of time.

Optimize your Data for well-informed decision-making

Quick and Simple Migration to Snowflake Data Cloud

Advanced ETL tools custom designed for the Snowflake Cloud Data Warehouse. It focuses on maintaining data quality, security, and governance. Rapid time to value.

Efficient Data Ingestion into Snowflake Data Cloud

Our customizable Smartdata Suite of Products is designed to seamlessly integrate with Snowflake and all its functions. Simplified ingestion of huge volumes of data from various types of sources including mainframes, databases, enterprise applications, warehouses, IoT, streaming and more.

Improve the quality of data brought into Snowflake Data Cloud

The ChainSys Smartdata Suite can put forward data quality improvement suggestions, take inputs and correct your data, at any stage of the data lifecycle. This is made possible with a Low Code/No Code approach and pre-built adapters for your applications.

Democratize your Snowflake Data Warehouse with cataloging, quality, lineage & more

Discovery & Data Catalog for Snowflake Platform

Snowflake’s platform stores data at scale within the cloud. ChainSys algorithms enable users to efficiently search for any data across a variety of data assets whilst maintaining our ease-of-use principles in line with our Customer-First Approach.

Data Profiling & Quality of Assets

With AI/ML capabilities powering our products, detecting bad data, cleansing and maintaining high quality data with no redundancies and duplication is one of our many strengths. Automated processes make streamlining data and analytics extremely simple.

Data Governance and Lineage for Snowflake

Governance and Data Management of an entire organization's data can become a highly strenuous task. With ChainSys’ Data Catalog bots that labor is minimized as they scrutinize and parse through SQL Query history to fully automate Data Lineage Construction and PII Detection. This ultimately translates to cost-effective and time-saving methods for dynamic policy creation and top-notch governance.

Data Exploration and Integration with Snowflake

Our visual Query-Builder enables even non-technical users to directly query across data lakes and warehouses to ensure high accessibility for data exploration.