Data Ingestion (NoCode ETL/ELT Platform) for Amazon Redshift


Data Ingestion (NoCode ETL/ELT Platform) for Amazon Redshift


Migration, Integration Reference data from any data source or legacy system to Amazon Web Services (

ChainSys with AWS is an unchallenged masterstroke in interoperability. Users are provisioned to search, discover and query data across various services provided by AWS including Redshift, Amazon S3 and DynamoDB! The best part, it's all in one place!

ChainSys products are highly scalable with governance and quality being the principle building blocks. Our tools are fully customizable with a low code/no code approach helping organizations with effortless integration and data transformation to achieve desired results in the optimal amount of time.

Why the ChainSys + AWS Integration is Unique:

  • We have 10000+ Data Templates

  • Data Lineage Verification Provision

  • 50%-60%+ Schedule Reduction

  • 10X Better Features at Reduced Cost

Democratize All Data Assets for Amazon Web Services:

  1. Simplified Search: Quick and Easy to use Search capabilities to find any data including databases, queries, BI dashboards and tables

  2. Searchable Glossary: Important terms can be tagged with any data object to generate a consensus in understanding data and its usability

  3. Data Lineage: Visualize data evolution, in terms of where it comes from, how it has evolved, and predict impact on data assets moving forward

  4. Visual Query-Builder: Our visual Query-Builder enables even non-technical users to directly query across data lakes and warehouses to ensure high accessibility for data exploration.

Our Agile Design Principles:

  • Quick and Simple Implementation

  • Low Code / No Code Approach

  • Automatic API Architecture

  • Out-Of-The-Box Integrations

  • Quick & Visual Data Previews

  • Set-Up Alerts & Notifications

  • Metadata Autocrawlers