Beagle for Teams

Decision Point Pvt. Ltd.

Beagle for Teams

Decision Point Pvt. Ltd.

Beagle is an agile product that brings data and analytics to people through Microsoft Teams

Beagle is a conversational BI Analytics Tool, that brings byte-size information into your MS Teams environment as insight cards. Teams can collaborate on data together using Beagle within MS Teams, thereby shortening the decision-making cycles and increasing the adoption of data & analytics across the organization.  

Beagle is the Global Winner of MS Teams App Challenge & rated as the Best Productivity Tool on MS Teams

Beagle offers a wide range of features to enhance user experience in multiple scenarios


  • Converse with data in natural language
  • Deep dive on data within MS teams
  • Set personal notifications
  • Download data for later use 

  • Create insights collaboratively using Narrative Board
  • Set team level notifications for insight cards
  • Search and share cards in one on one chat 


  • Beagle can be called as a Virtual Analyst within a meeting
  • All meeting attendees can interact with beagle and analyze data during the meeting

  • Cards: Byte size information
  • Intuitive and Conversational UX
  • Connects to PowerBI / Tableau
  • Built-in Advanced Analytics modules
  • Personalization based on role