Environmental Resources Management Limited


Environmental Resources Management Limited

ERM’s solution for complex industrial facilities to improve energy & emissions efficiency.

emissions.AI is a digital solution that gives operations and functional teams insights into the drivers of excess energy usage and emissions hidden in day-to-day operations. ERM‘s leading digital solution can be deployed in any complex industrial facility in a matter of months, with no new hardware required. Optimize your energy efficiency and deliver crucial emissions savings in your operations today!

Wins for Corporate Functions

Efficiently meet compliance obligations​

See accurate energy and emissions costs​

Realize quick-wins in emissions reduction

Wins for Facility Executives

Demonstrate on-site innovation
Set achievable performance targets for teams
Embed energy intelligence into decisions
Wins for Facility Operations

Let the AI do the legwork ​

Chasing incremental savings becomes viable​

Get all the data to simulate and experiment​

Wins for external stakeholders

Appreciate clear, easy-to-view information

Trust data from unbiased, real-time monitoring

Increased confidence in energy and emissions management