Advanced remote monitoring for Discrete / Continuous process

FACEPLATE is a software that provides the user with the necessary environment and a set of tools which allows the user to collect and convert data into information, store it and organize access to information through various interfaces.  

FACEPLATE’s mission is to provide the ability to remotely control production through connecting equipment to the cloud or on premises, collecting and storing information, visualizing, analyzing efficiency through the use of machine learning algorithms, predictive diagnostics and detection of anomalies in the equipment operation.

Issues arising for business leaders

• Operating costs increase as process equipment becomes more complex

• Traditional operator failure service models are not efficient

• Regular scheduled maintenance is often inefficient

• Errors and failures in the production chain lead to unscheduled downtime

• Unscheduled maintenance is expensive, as there is no idea of the real status of production assets

Solutions we offer

• A comprehensive platform for analyzing the performance through IIoT technologies 

• Continuous monitoring of the assets in real time, as the result prevention of unscheduled and emergency downtime. 

• Machine learning to create mathematical models for predicting potential failures

• Customizable monitoring dashboards to track equipment operation, KPIs, and overall equipment efficiency (OEE).

• FACEPLATE features allow users to simultaneously: monitor production and track equipment operation in real time, receive customized dashboards, analyze and forecast the anomalies, and plan and foresee the equipment maintenance.

Faceplate advantages over its analogues on the market today

• 3-level fault tolerance system, a comprehensive approach to improving reliability of the supervisory system through process control model, Erlang, hot redundancy by various schemes , and many other factors

• High degree of scalability, adding new servers on the fly without shutting down the system or individual nodes.

• Wide range of supported hardware.

• Low entry threshold. Interfaces are designed to maximize automation and simplify the developer's actions. Default values, recommendations, and examples are always offered to developer

• Powerful tools for automating developer actions: templating, component creation/binding/ re- binding wizards, export/import mechanisms, etc.

• High speed of data handling and data indexing. Modern, effective mechanisms for handling large amounts of archived data and messages. Retrieval algorithms.

Examples of use on what FACEPLATE runs

• Faceplate Edge

• Faceplate SCADA / MES

• Faceplate Cloud

• Faceplate Enterprise