Flexbby Workflow Automation


Flexbby Workflow Automation


Flexbby WF for Contracts, Invoices, Sales,Leads, Archive, Procurement and Service Management.

Flexbby Workflow simplifies the life of any employee, division or team and streamlines workflows and operations.
Our software based on Event-Driven Technology, Robotic Process Automation, Intelligence Workflows and Bots providing fast setup and adoption, easy deployment and support, high scalability and productivity.
Flexbby Workflow automates more than 80% human operations and manual tasks, decrease the operations and transactions costs up to 65% and allows to setup new workflows in minutes.

The software includes several comprehensive workflow automation tools

Contract Management

  • manage the full lifecycle of contracts, documents, quotations, directives;
  • documents coediting, using barcodes and templates;
  • online data and charts, notifications and stickers;

Invoice Management

  • manage multiple legal entities using one solution;
  • gain visibility across all invoicing flows in real-time;
  • get spend and payments insights from reports and online dashboards;

CRM and Sales

  • sales force automation and chatbots;
  • tasks, automatic operations, notifications and stickers;
  • online data and charts, third-party software and services integration;

Electronic Archive

  • use barcodes and QR-codes for registration, scans uploading and search;
  • run archive workflows, scans and hard-copies storing
  • control the documents availability and access rights

Procurement Management

  • manage the vendors database, offers, and price-list at one place
  • control the payment plan, manage the budget limits
  • online data and charts, third-party software and services integration

Customer Service Management

  • get the satisfaction of your customers, suppliers, partners and employees
  • use any channel for request receiving and communications
  • online data and charts, KPI, notifications, task control and operations automation